Artificial Intelligence

Are you looking for a legal advice with regards to existing and/or emerging regulatory framework for AI?

Would you like to develop a tailored policy for ethical and trustworthy AI for your organisation?

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The pace of the development of technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) far outstrips the current capacity to monitor, control and govern its applications. As thoughtful leaders, we contribute to the efforts to develop, use and deploy AI in a responsible and trustworthy way.



As a legal advisor, we support organisations in their effort to comply with existing and emerging regulations, to develop and to implement their own internal policies and guidelines for ethical and trustworthy AI.

Supported by a leading legal tech start-up, we have also developed the so-called TAI Questionnaire. The TAI Questionnaire is a free online tool that allows stakeholders to assess whether their AI can be deemed trustworthy based on the latest version of the Ethic Guidelines for Trustworthy AI.