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V29 Legal - Duve Hamama Rechtsanwaelte PartGmbB

Would you like to test the Ethics Guidelines for Trustworthy AI for your organisation?

Driving change

with the power of law

Investor-Led Action for Climate and Business Sustainability

V29 Legal is excited to work with innovators who tackle the grand challenges of our time.

We provide legal advice by creating innovative, ecologically mindful and lean structures.


What We Do


Do you use Artificial Intelligence (AI) or Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) in your company?

Is your technology trustworthy, does it satisfy the applicable ethical and legal requirements?


Do you need to resolve a commercial dispute?


Do you need assistance in negotiations or adjudicatory proceedings?


Do you want to resolve a sports-related dispute?


Do you want to negotiate a new contract or update your governance structure?



We have chosen V29 as our name because we want to steer Vision, work with Ventures and create a Valley of ideas for a sustainable future.


The futurist, Ray Kurzweil, has predicted that 2029 may be the year by which artificial intelligence will reach or exceed human intelligence levels. Given the changes in climate, societies and technology, we also believe that some of the most important decisions that humanity has ever made collectively will need to be taken between our launch in 2019 and 2029.



A Decade

of Action


Our Team

Never give up.

When we think about the most audacious challenges today, we take it like Mohammed Salah.



Never give up 




Kicking off the Decade of Action



What can Corporate Social Intrepreneurs do in the current crisis?



Arbitration and Climate Change



Dispute Resolution and Modern Technologies