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The futurist, Ray Kurzweil, has predicted that 2029 may be the year by which artificial intelligence will reach or exceed human intelligence levels. Given the changes in climate, societies and technology, we also believe that some of the most important decisions that humanity has ever made collectively will need to be taken between today and 2029. We have chosen V29 as our name because we want to steer Vision, work with Ventures and create a Valley of ideas in order to shape this transformation.


Our mission at V29 Legal is to contribute to a sustainable future for our societies and our planet by providing legal advice to innovators who tackle the grand challenges of our time.

Impact and Innovation


We embrace change and trust that our virtues will guide us in following our mission.

Action - We know that massive action is needed to obtain the desired outcome.

Communication - Direct Communication is central for us, even in the digital age. We like to listen, to understand, to exchange ideas, to explain and to inspire.

Strategy - We understand our legal advice not as a means or end in itself. We aim at developing - or contributing to - an encompassing strategy to achieve our client's goals.


Do you use Artificial Intelligence (AI) or Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) in your company?

Is your technology trustworthy, does it satisfy the applicable ethical and legal requirements?


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