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Resolving commercial disputes as neutrals and counsel.

Regulatory and compliance advice in matters related to artificial intelligence and climate change.




Dispute Resolution


The futurist Ray Kurzweil has predicted that 2029 may be the year by which artificial intelligence will reach or exceed human intelligence levels. Given the changes in climate, society and technology, we also believe that some of the most important collective decisions faced by humanity will need to be taken during this decade.

We have chosen V29 to emphasise our vision of and commitment to a decade of action for a sustainable and trustworthy future.



A Decade

of Action






Tailor-made legal advice, advocacy and services as neutrals based on a long-standing expertise, an excellent network, flexibility and tech-solutions.



Special Projects

Timely and pragmatic legal advice with regards to challenges arising in connection with artificial intelligence and climate change.



Artificial Intelligence

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